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Heatlok SoyClosed Cell
HeatLok Soy 200
  1. Common names used for this foam; closed cell, hard, green and 2 pound
  2. Combines Five applications into one:
    • Air Barrier
    • Insulation
    • Water Barrier
    • Vapor Barrier
    • Drain Plane
  3. R-7.4 value at one inch
  4. Environmentally friendly foam
  5. Greenguard Certified
  6. ABAA Certified
  7. LEED Credit Construction
  8. Made from soybean oils, recycled plastics and hydrofluorocarbon (the blowing agent)
  9. Hydrofluoocarbon is a "VOC" - no volatile organic compound
  10. Increases the racking strength of a building by 350%
  11. Vapor retarder - exceeds standards by 38%
  12. Blocks transmission of low frequency sounds
  13. Air barrier - exceeds government standards by 500 times
  14. Prevents condensation which would lead to mold, mildew and wall damage
  15. Rigid-seamless foam
  16. Can cut energy cost by 30-50%
  17. Carries the "Energy Star" logo
  18. Does not change its performance over time
  19. Has a hard finish
  20. Class 1 Fire Retardant
  21. Continuous Insulation - no adhesives, mechanical fasteners, caulking or taping

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